With over 30 years of coating experience through our former company High Quality Paint Finishing,
(since 1985),Ottawa Industrial Coating Solutions, is ready to fulfill all of your finishing needs.
Ottawa ICS is home to diversified industries, including but not limited to : Aerospace, Military,
Electronics, Metal and more.
From one part to high volume production, our approach to each product is identical :Quality
Finishings which will meet or exceed your highest standards.
Using only the latest in high quality materials and technology, ICS's experienced staff helps you
choose the right coatings to meet your specifications.

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Powder Coating

Powder coating is a dry finishing process that has become extremely popular since its introduction in
North America over in the 1960s.  Representing over 15% of the total industrial finishing market,
powder is used on a wide array of products. More and more companies specify powder coatings for a high-quality, durable finish, allowing for maximized production, improved efficiencies, and simplified environmental compliance.  Used as functional (protective) and decorative finishes, powder coatings are available in an almost limitless range of colors and textures, and technological advancements
have resulted in excellent performance properties.

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